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HEBREW: 6870 hywru Ts@ruwyah
NAVE: Zeruiah
EBD: Zeruiah
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In Bible versions:

daughter of Jesse; sister of David; mother of Abishai, Asahel and Joab

pain or tribulation of the Lord


Strongs #06870: hywru Ts@ruwyah

Zeruiah = "balsam"

1) sister of David and mother of the 3 leading heroes of David's
army - Abishai, Joab, and Asahel

6870 Tsruwyah tser-oo-yaw'

feminine passive participle from the same as 6875; wounded;
Tserujah, an Israelitess:-Zeruiah.
see HEBREW for 06875

Zeruiah [EBD]

stricken of the Lord, David's sister, and the mother of Abishai, Joab, and Asahel (1 Chr. 2:16), who were the three leading heroes of David's army, and being his nephews, they were admitted to the closest companionship with him.

Zeruiah [NAVE]

Sister of David, 1 Chr. 2:16.
Mother of three of David's great soldiers, 1 Chr. 2:16; 2 Sam. 2:18; 3:39; 16:9-11; 17:25.


(balsam), the mother of the three leading heroes of David?s army --Abishai, Joah and Asahel-- known as the "sons of Zeruiah." Of Zeruiah?s husband there is no mention in the Bible. (B.C. before 1046.)


ZERUIAH - ze-roo-i'-a, ze-roo'-ya (tseruyah, tseruyah (2 Sam 14:1; 16:10), meaning uncertain; Sarouia): In 2 Sam 2:18; 17:25; 1 Ch 2:16, and elsewhere where the names Joab, Abishai, occur. According to 1 Ch 2:16 a sister of David and mother of Joab, Abishai and Asahel, the two former being always referred to as sons of Zeruiah. This latter fact is explained by some as pointing to a type of marriage by which the children belonged to their mother's clan (compare Abimelech, Jdg 8:31; 9:1 ff); by others as being due to her husband's early death; and again as a proof of the mother in this case being the stronger personality. Either of the last two reasons may be the correct one, and plenty of parallels from the village names of boys today can be produced to illustrate both explanations. According to 2 Sam 2:32, her husband was buried at Bethlehem. In 2 Sam 17:25, "Abigal the daughter of Nahash" is said to be her sister.


David Francis Roberts

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