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HEBREW: 6786 yrmu Ts@mariy
NAVE: Zemarites
EBD: Zemarite
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In Bible versions:

Zemarite: NASB
members of a clan descended from Canaan


Strongs #06786: yrmu Ts@mariy

Zemarite = see Zemaraim "double woolens"

1) one of the Hamite tribes descended from Canaan and inhabitants of
an unknown Canaanite city

6786 Tsmariy tsem-aw-ree'

patrial from an unused name of a place in Palestine; a
Tsemarite or branch of the Canaanites:-Zemarite.

Zemarite [EBD]

the designation of one of the Phoenician tribes (Gen. 10:18) who inhabited the town of Sumra, at the western base of the Lebanon range. In the Amarna tablets (B.C. 1400) Zemar, or Zumur, was one of the most important of the Phoenician cities, but it afterwards almost disappears from history.

Zemarites [NAVE]

ZEMARITES, a tribe descended from Canaan, Gen. 10:18; 1 Chr. 1:16.


ZEMARITE - zem'-a-rit (ha-tsemari; ho Samaraios): A Canaanite people named in Gen 10:18; 1 Ch 1:16. The occurrence of the name between Arvadite and Hamathite gives a hint as to locality. A place called Cumur is mentioned in the Tell el-Amarna Letters along with Arvad. The name probably survives in that of Sumra, a village on the seacoast between Tripolis and Ruwad, about 1 1/2 miles North of Nahr el-Kebir. We may with some certainty identify this modern village with the site of the town from which the inhabitants were named "Zemarites."

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