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HEBREW: 6787 Myrmu Ts@marayim
NAVE: Zemaraim
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In Bible versions:

a town of Benjamin
a mountain in Ephraim

wool; pith
Google Maps: Zemaraim (31° 54´, 35° 27´)


Strongs #06787: Myrmu Ts@marayim

Zemaraim = "double fleece of wool"

1) a city in northern Benjamin near Bethel
2) a hill in Ephraim

6787 Tsmarayim tsem-aw-rah'-yim

dual of 6785; double fleece; Tsemarajim, a place in
see HEBREW for 06785

Zemaraim [NAVE]

1. A city of Benjamin, Josh. 18:22.
2. A part of Mount Ephraim, 2 Chr. 13:4.


(double fleece of wool), a town in the allotment of Benjamin, (Joshua 18:22) perhaps identical with Mount Zemaraim, mentioned in (2 Chronicles 13:4) only, which was "in Mount Ephraim," that is to say, within the general district of the highlands of that great tribe. (2 Chronicles 13:4)


ZEMARAIM - zem-a-ra'-im (cemdrayim; Codex Vaticanus Sara; Codex Alexandrinus Semrim): A city in the territory of Benjamin. It is named between Betharabah and Bethel (Josh 18:22), and is probably to be sought East of the latter city. It is usual to identify it with es-Samra, a ruin about 4 miles North of Jericho. Mt. Zemaraim probably derived its name from the city, and must be sought in the neighborhood. On this height, which is said to be in Mt. Ephraim, Abijah, king of Judah, stood when making his appeal to the men of Israel under Jeroboam (2 Ch 13:4). If the identification with es-Samra is correct, this hill must be in the uplands to the West, es-Samra being on the floor of the valley. Dillmann (Joshua, at the place) thinks Zemaraim cannot be so far East of Bethel, but may be found somewhere to the South of that town.

W. Ewing

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