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HEBREW: 8402 ynbt Tibni
NAVE: Tibni
EBD: Tibni
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In Bible versions:

son of Ginath; he tried to succeed Zimri but lost to Omri

straw; hay


Strongs #08402: ynbt Tibni

Tibni = "intelligent"

1) contender for the throne of the northern kingdom of Israel after
the death of Zimri; fought for 4 years with the rival faction whose
leader was Omri; died after 4 years leaving the throne to Omri

8402 Tibni tib-nee'

from 8401; strawy; Tibni, an Israelite:-Tibni.
see HEBREW for 08401

Tibni [EBD]

building of Jehovah, the son of Ginath, a man of some position, whom a considerable number of the people chose as monarch. For the period of four years he contended for the throne with Omri (1 Kings 16:21, 22), who at length gained the mastery, and became sole monarch of Israel.

Tibni [NAVE]

TIBNI, chosen by half of Israel to be king; death of, 1 Kin. 16:21, 22.


(intelligent). After Zimri had burnt himself in his palace, there was a division in the northern kingdom, half of the people following Tibni the son of Ginath, and half following Omri. (1 Kings 16:21,22) Omri was the choice of the army Tibni was probably put forward by the people of Tirzah, which was then besieged by Omri and his host. The struggle between the contending factions lasted four years (comp.) (1 Kings 16:16,23) (B.C. 926-922.), when-Tibni died.


TIBNI - tib'-ni (tibhni; Codex Vaticanus Thamnei, Codex Alexandrinus Thamni, Lucian Thabennei): A rival of Omri for the throne of Israel after the death of Zimri (1 Ki 16:21 f). This is the only reference to Tibni that has come down to us; a comparison of this passage with the account of Zimri's death (especially 1 Ki 16:15) shows that the length of the struggle was four years.

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