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GREEK: 4950 surtiv surtis
NAVE: Syrtis
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In Bible versions:

a place in the sea west of Cyrene on the north African coast full of shoals of quicksand

NET Glossary: an area of the North African coast characterized by shallow, treacherous waters and numerous sandbanks; see Great Syrtis
Google Maps: Syrtis (31° 45´, 18° 30´)


Strongs #4950: surtiv surtis

1) Syrtis, the name of two places in the African or Libyan Sea
between Carthage and Cyrenaicia, full of shallows and sandbanks,
and therefore destructive to ships; the western Syrtis, between
the islands Cercina and Meninx (or the promontories of Zeitha and
Brachodes), was called Syris minor, the eastern (extending from
the promontories of Cephalae on the west to that of Boreum on the
east) was called Syris major; this latter must be the one referred
to in Ac 27:17, for upon this the ship in which Paul was sailing
might easily be cast after leaving Crete

4950 surtis soor'-tis

from 4951; a shoal (from the sand drawn thither by the waves), i.e.
the Syrtis Major or great bay on the north coast of
see GREEK for 4951

Syrtis [NAVE]

Acts 27:17


SYRTIS - sir'-tis (surtis): the Revised Version (British and American) form for "quicksands" in Acts 27:17. These sandbanks, off the northern coast of Africa, have from early times been regarded as a source of danger to mariners. Virgil refers to them (Aen. iv.40 f). In Paul's voyage, the ship, driven by a tempestuous wind, Euraquilo, was in peril of being cast-upon them.

Also see definition of "Syrtis" in Word Study

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