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GREEK: 4949 surofoinissa Surophoinissa
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In Bible versions:

Syrophoenician: NET AVS NRSV NASB TEV
Syrian Phoenicia: NIV
an inhabitant of the region of the Phoenician towns of Tyre and Sidon, which were in the province of Syria under Roman rule


Strongs #4949: surofoinissa Surophoinissa

Syrophenician = "exalted palm"

1) the name of a mixed nation, half Phoenicians and half Syrians

4949 Surophoinissa soo-rof-oy'-nis-sah

feminine of a compound of 4948 and the same as 5403; a Syro-phoenician
woman, i.e. a female native of Phoenicia in Syria:-Syrophenician.
see GREEK for 4948
see GREEK for 5403


occurs only in (Mark 7:26) The word denoted perhaps a mixed race, half Phoenicians and half Syrians; (or the Phoenicians in this region may have been called Syro-phoenicians because they belonged to the Roman province of Syria, and were thus distinguished from the Phoenicians who lived in Africa, or the Carthaginians. --ED.)


SYROPHOENICIAN - si'-ro-fe-nish'-an, sir-o- (Surophoinissa, Surophoinikissa; Westcott and Hort, The New Testament in Greek has variant Sura Phoinikissa; the King James Version Syrophenician): The woman from the borders of Tyre and Sidon whose daughter Jesus healed is described as "a Greek, a Syrophoenician by race" (Mk 7:26), and again as "a Canaanitish woman" (Mt 15:22). This seems to mean that she was of Canaanite descent, a native of the Phoenician seaboard, Greek in religion, and probably also in speech. The names Syria and Phoenicia are both applied to the same region in Acts 21:2,3. Syrophoenician may therefore denote simply an inhabitant of these parts. According to Strabo (xvii.3), this district was called Syrophoenicia to distinguish it from the North African Lybophoenicia.

W. Ewing

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