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HEBREW: 8202 jpv Shaphat
NAVE: Shaphat
EBD: Shaphat
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In Bible versions:

Shapat: NET
son of Hori of Simeon; the spy sent by Moses to explore the land of Canaan
father of the prophet Elisha
son of Shemaiah, a descendant of Hananiah, Zerubbabel and David
a chief of the tribe of Gad
son of Adlai; David's chief shepherd over the valley herds



Strongs #08202: jpv Shaphat

Shaphat = "judged" or "he hath judged"

1) son of Hori and the prince of Simeon chosen to spy out the
promised land
2) father of the prophet Elisha
3) a Judaite, son of Shemaiah and descendant of Zerubbabel in the
royal line of Judah
4) a chief of the tribe of Gad
5) son of Adlai and chief herdsman for David over the herds in the

8202 Shaphat shaw-fawt'

from 8199; judge; Shaphat, the name of four
see HEBREW for 08199

Shaphat [EBD]

judge. (1.) One of the spies. He represented the tribe of Simeon (Num. 13:5).

(2.) The father of Elisha (1 Kings 19:16-19).

(3.) One of David's chief herdsmen (1 Chr. 27:29).

Shaphat [NAVE]

1. The representative of Simeon among the spies sent into Canaan, Num. 13:5.
2. Father of Elisha, 1 Kin. 19:16, 19; 2 Kin. 3:11; 6:31.
3. Son of Shemaiah, 1 Chr. 3:22.
4. A Gadite, 1 Chr. 5:12.
5. Son of Adlai, 1 Chr. 27:29.


(judge). 1.The Simeonite spy, son of Hori. (Numbers 13:5) (B.C. 1490).
  1. The father of the prophet Elisha. (1 Kings 19:18,19; 2 Kings 3:11; 6:31) (B.C. before 900.)
  2. One of the six sons of Shemaiah in the royal line of Judah. (1 Chronicles 3:22) (B.C. 350.)
  3. One of the chiefs of the Gadites in Bashan. (1 Chronicles 5:12) (B.C. 750.)
  4. The son of Adlai, who was over David?s oxen in the valleys. (1 Chronicles 27:29) (B.C. 1020.)


SHAPHAT - sha'-fat (shaphat):iah, one of the 70 men whom Ezekiel saw, in his vision of the Temple, sacrificing to idols (Ezek 8:11).

(1) The Simeonite spy (Nu 13:5, Saphat).

(2) The father of the prophet Elisha (1 Ki 19:16; 2 Ki 3:11, Septuagint Saphath).

(3) A name in the royal genealogy of Judah (1 Ch 3:22).

(4) A Gadite (1 Ch 5:12).

(5) One of David's herdsmen (1 Ch 27:29).

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