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HEBREW: 8190 zgvev Sha`ashgaz
NAVE: Shaashgaz
EBD: Shaashgaz
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In Bible versions:

Sha-Ashgaz: AVS TEV
the eunuch official in charge of king Ahasuerus' concubines

he that presses the fleece; that shears the sheep


Strongs #08190: zgvev Sha`ashgaz

Shaashgaz = "servant of the beautiful"

1) the eunuch in the palace of Xerxes who was in charge of the women
in the 2nd house

8190 Sha`ashgaz shah-ash-gaz'

of Persian derivation; Shaashgaz, a eunuch of

Shaashgaz [EBD]

servant of the beautiful, a chief eunuch in the second house of the harem of king Ahasuerus (Esther 2:14).

Shaashgaz [NAVE]

SHAASHGAZ, a chamberlain of Ahasuerus, Esth. 2:14.


SHAASHGAZ - sha-ash'-gaz (sha`ashgaz; Septuagint reads Gai, the same name it gives to the official referred to in Est 2:8,15; the name may go back to the Old Bactrian word Sasakshant, "one anxious to learn" (Scheft); most commentators suggest no explanation): A chamberlain of Ahasuerus, king of Persia; as keeper of "the second house of women," he had Esther under his charge (2:14).

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