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GREEK: 5329 farev Phares
HEBREW: 6557 Urp Perets
NAVE: Perez Pharez
EBD: Perez Pharez
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In Bible versions:

a son of Judah and Tamar; the father of Hezron; an ancestor of Jesus
son of Judah and Tamar

division; rupture


Strongs #5329: farev Phares

Pharez = "a breach"

1) the son of Judah and Tamar, his daughter-in-law

5329 Phares far-es'

of Hebrew origin (6557); Phares (i.e. Perets), an Israelite:-Phares.
see HEBREW for 06557


Strongs #06557: Urp Perets

Perez or Pharez = "breach"

1) twin son with Zarah of Judah by Tamar and ancestor of two families
of Judah, the Hezronites and Hamulites; from the Hezronites came
the royal line of David and Christ

6557 Perets peh'-rets

the same as 6556; Perets, the name of two
Israelites:-Perez, Pharez.
see HEBREW for 06556

Perez [EBD]

=Pharez, (q.v.), breach, the son of Judah (Neh. 11:4). "The chief of all the captains of the host for the first month" in the reign of David was taken from his family (1 Chr. 27:3). Four hundred and sixty-eight of his "sons" came back from captivity with Zerubbabel, who himself was one of them (1 Chr. 9:4; Neh. 11:6).

Pharez [EBD]

breach, the elder of the twin sons of Judah (Gen. 38:29). From him the royal line of David sprang (Ruth 4:18-22). "The chief of all the captains of the host" was of the children of Perez (1 Chr. 27:3; Matt. 1:3).

Perez [NAVE]

See: Pharez.

Pharez [NAVE]

PHAREZ, called also Perez and Phares. A twin son of Judah by Tamar, Gen. 38:29; 1 Chr. 2:4.
Children of, Gen. 46:12; Num. 26:20, 21; 1 Chr. 2:5; 9:4; return from the captivity, Neh. 11:4, 6.
In the lineage of Jesus, Matt. 1:3; Luke 3:33.


(breach). The "children of Perez," or Pharez, the son of Judah, appear to have been a family of importance for many centuries. (1 Chronicles 27:3; Nehemiah 11:4,6)


(Perez, (1 Chronicles 27:3) Phares, (Matthew 1:3; Luke 3:33) 1 Esd. 5:6), twin son, with Zarah or Zerah, of Judah and Tamer his daughter-in-law. (B.C. 1730.) The circumstances of his birth are detailed in Gen. 38. Pharez occupied the rank of Judah?s second son, and from two of his sons sprang two new chief houses, those of the Hezronites and Hamulites. From Hezron?s second son Ram, or Aram, sprang David and the kings of Judah, and eventually Jesus Christ. In the reign of David the house of Pharez seems to have been eminently distinguished.


PEREZ; PHAREZ - pe'-rez, fa'-rez (perets, "breach"): One of the twins born to Judah by Tamar, Zerah's brother (Gen 38:29,30). In the King James Version Mt 1:3 and Lk 3:33, he is called "Phares," the name in 1 Esdras 5:5. He is "Pharez" in the King James Version Gen 46:12; Nu 26:20,21; Ruth 4:12,18; 1 Ch 2:4,5; 4:1; 9:4. In the King James Version and the Revised Version (British and American) 1 Ch 27:3; Neb 11:4,6, he is "Perez." He is important through the fact that by way of Ruth and Boaz and so through Jesse and David his genealogy comes upward to the Saviour. The patronymic "Pharzite" occurs in Nu 26:20 the King James Version.

Perezites (Nu 16:20, the King James Version "Pharzites"). The patronymic of the name Perez.

Henry Wallace


PHAREZ - fa'-rez (King James Version 1 Esdras 5:9; 8:30): The same as Revised Version PHOROS (which see).

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