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HEBREW: 6577 atdnvrp Parshandatha'
NAVE: Parshandatha
EBD: Parshandatha
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In Bible versions:

Parshandatha: NET NIV NRSV NASB
Parshan-Datha: AVS TEV
one of the ten sons of Haman whom the Jews killed

given by prayer


Strongs #06577: atdnvrp Parshandatha'

Parshandatha = "given by prayer"

1) one of the 10 sons of Haman the enemy of Mordecai and queen Esther

6577 Parshandatha' par-shan-daw-thaw'

of Persian origin; Parshandatha, a son of

Parshandatha [EBD]

an interpreter of the law, the eldest of Haman's sons, slain in Shushan (Esther 9:7).

Parshandatha [NAVE]

PARSHANDATHA, son of Haman, Esth. 9:7.


(given by prayer), the eldest of Haman?s ten sons who were slain by the Jews in Shushan. (Esther 9:7) (B.C. 473.)


PARSHANDATHA - par-shan-da'-tha, par-shan'-da-tha (parshandatha; Septuagint Pharsan, or Pharsanestan; perhaps from the Persian fratsna-data, "given by prayer"): One of the sons of Haman (Est 9:7).

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