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HEBREW: 6551 verp Par`osh
NAVE: Parosh
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In Bible versions:

a man whose "sons" (descendants) returned from exile in Babylon
an Israelite chief who signed the covenant to obey God's law

a flea; the fruit of a moth


Strongs #06551: verp Par`osh

Parosh or Pharosh = "flea"

1) ancestor of a family who returned from exile with Zerubbabel and
a 2nd group who returned with Ezra
2) a leader of the people who signed the covenant with Nehemiah

6551 Par`osh par-oshe'

the same as 6550; Parosh, the name of our
Israelite:-Parosh, Pharosh.
see HEBREW for 06550

Parosh [NAVE]

PAROSH, called also Pharosh. The ancestor of one of the families which returned to Jerusalem from captivity in Babylon, Ezra 2:3; 8:3; 10:25; Neh. 7:8; 10:14.


PAROSH - pa'-rosh, par'-osh (par`osh, "flea" (leap)): a family that in part returned under Zerubbabel (Ezr 2:3; Neh 7:8), and in part under Ezra (Ezr 8:3; there spelt "Pharosh," the King James Version). Some of the family had foreign wives (Ezr 10:25). One descendant, Pedaiah (see PEDAIAH, (3)), helped to rebuild the city walls (Neh 3:25), and others were among those who "sealed" the covenant of Nehemiah (Neh 10:1,14). In 1 Esdras 5:9; 8:30; 9:26, "Phoros."

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