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HEBREW: 3817 Mymal L@'ummiym
NAVE: Leummim Leummites
EBD: Leummim
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In Bible versions:

Leummites: NET NIV
Le-Ummim: AVS TEV
Leummim: NRSV NASB
son of Dedan, grandson of Abraham and Keturah

countries; without water


Strongs #03817: Mymal L@'ummiym

Leummim = "peoples"

1) son of Dedan and grandson of Jokshan

3817 L'ummiym leh-oom-meem'

plural of 3816; communities; Leum mim, an Arabian:-Leummim.
see HEBREW for 03816

Leummim [EBD]

peoples; nations, the last mentioned of the three sons of Dedan, and head of an Arabian tribe (Gen. 25:3).

Leummim [NAVE]

LEUMMIM, a son of Dedan, Gen. 25:3.

Leummites [NAVE]

See: Leummim.


(peoples), the name of the third of the descendants of Dedan son of Jokshan, (Genesis 25:3) being in the plural form, like his brethren, Asshurim and Letushim.


LEUMMIM - le-um'-im (le'ummim): A Dedanite tribe of North Arabia, connected with the LETUSHIM (which see).

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