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HEBREW: 7029 yvyq Qiyshiy
NAVE: Kishi
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In Bible versions:

Kishi: AVS TEV
son of Abdi of Merari and of Levi

hardness; his gravity; his offense ( --> same as Kushaiah)


Strongs #07029: yvyq Qiyshiy

Kishi = "bow of Jehovah"

1) a Merarite Levite, father or ancestor of Ethan the minstrel in the
time of David

7029 Qiyshiy kee-shee'

from 6983; bowed; Kishi, an Israelite:-Kishi.
see HEBREW for 06983

Kishi [NAVE]

KISHI, called also Kushaiah. Father of Ethan, a chief assistant in the temple music, 1 Chr. 6:44; 15:17.


(bow of Jehovah), a Merarite, and father of ancestor of Ethan the minstrel. (1 Chronicles 6:44)


KISHI - kish'i (qishi, "snarer," "fowler"): Father of Ethan, one of the singers David "set over the service of song" in the house of the Lord (1 Ch 6:31); the "Kushaiah" of 1 Ch 15:17 (compare 1 Ch 6:44).

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