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GREEK: 2797 Kiv Kis
HEBREW: 7027 vyq Qiysh
NAVE: Kish
EBD: Kish
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In Bible versions:

the father of King Saul
son of Abiel of Benjamin; father of Saul
son of Jeiel of Benjamin; uncle of Kish the father of Saul
second son of Mahli (Merari Levi); recognized by King David as the only son through whom Mahli's clan was built
son of Abdi; one of the Levites of Merari that King Hezekiah assigned to supervise the cleansing of the temple
a man who was an ancestor of Mordecai; the father of Shimei

hard; difficult; straw; for age ( --> same as Cis)


Strongs #2797: Kiv Kis

Kish = "a snare"

1) the father of Saul, the first king of Israel

2797 Kis kis

of Hebrew origin (7027); Cis (i.e. Kish), an Israelite:-Cis.
see HEBREW for 07027


Strongs #07027: vyq Qiysh

Kish = "bent"

1) a Benjamite of the family of Matri, father of king Saul
2) an ancestor of Mordecai
3) son of Gibeon and brother of Abdon, Zur, Baal, Ner, Nadab, Gedor,
Ahio, Zechariah, and Mikloth; uncle of Kish the father of king Saul
4) a Merarite Levite, son of Mahli and grandson of Merari the
progenitor of the family
5) a Merarite Levite, son of Abdi in the time of king Hezekiah of Judah

7027 Qiysh keesh

from 6983; a bow; Kish, the name of five
see HEBREW for 06983

Kish [EBD]

a bow. (1.) A Levite of the family of Merari (1 Chr. 23:21; 24:29).

(2.) A Benjamite of Jerusalem (1 Chr. 8:30; 9:36).

(3.) A Levite in the time of Hezekiah (2 Chr. 29:12).

(4.) The great-grandfather of Mordecai (Esther 2:5).

(5.) A Benjamite, the son of Abiel, and father of king Saul (1 Sam. 9:1, 3; 10:11, 21; 14:51; 2 Sam. 21:14). All that is recorded of him is that he sent his son Saul in search of his asses that had strayed, and that he was buried in Zelah. Called Cis, Acts 13:21 (R.V., Kish).

Kish [NAVE]

1. Father of Saul, 1 Sam. 9:1-3; 10:21; 2 Sam. 21:14.
Called Cis in Acts 13:21.
2. A Benjamite, 1 Chr. 8:30; 9:36.
3. A Levite, 1 Chr. 23:21, 22; 24:29.
4. A Levite, 2 Chr. 29:12.
5. Great grandfather of Mordecai, Esth. 2:5.


(a bow).
  1. The father of Saul; a Benjamite of the family of Matri. (B.C. 1095.)
  2. Son of Jehiel and uncle to the preceding. (1 Chronicles 9:36)
  3. A Benjamite, great-grandfather of Mordecai. (Esther 2:5)
  4. A Merarite of the house of Mahli, of the tribe of Levi. (1 Chronicles 23:21,22; 24:28,29)


KISH - kish (qish; Kis, Keis, "bow," "power"): The name of five persons mentioned in the Bible:

(1) The son of Abiel and the father of Saul, the first king of Israel. He was of the tribe of Benjamin, of the family of the Matrites (1 Sam 9:1; 14:51; compare Acts 13:21; 1 Sam 10:21). According to 1 Ch 8:33 and 9:39, "Ner begat Kish" By reading "Ner begat Abner" (compare 1 Sam 14:51; 1 Ch 6:28), the difficulty is at least partly overcome. In 1 Ch 12:1, Kish is also mentioned as the father of Saul, and again in 2 Sam 21:14, we are told that the sepulcher of Kish was located in the country of Benjamin, in Zela. His place of residence seems to have been at Gibeah.

(2) Another Kish is mentioned (1 Ch 8:29 f; 9:35 f) as the son of Jeiel and his wife Maacah. He is usually supposed to be the uncle of Saul's father.

(3) A Levite, the son of Mahli the Merarite (1 Ch 23:21 f; compare 24:29).

(4) Another Merarite Levite in the time of Hezekiah (2 Ch 29:12).

(5) The great-grandfather of Mordecai, of the tribe of Benjamin (Est 2:5).

William Baur

Also see definition of "Kish" in Word Study

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