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Kir Hareseth

In Bible versions:

Kir Hareseth: NET NIV
Kir Heres: NET
Kir-Hareseth: AVS TEV
Kir-Heres: AVS TEV
Kir-hareseth: NRSV NASB
Kir-heres: NRSV NASB
a town of Moab 20 km east of the southern end of the Dead Sea
NETBible Maps: Map11 D1 ; Map12 E4 ; Map8 A2 ; OT4 D7 ; OT5 D7
Google Maps: Kir-hareseth (31° 10´, 35° 42´)


Strongs #07025: srx ryq Qiyr Cheres or (fem. of the latter word) tsrx ryq Qiyr Chareseth

Kir-hareseth or Kir-hares or Kir-haresh = "wall of potsherds"

1) one of the two chief strongholds of Moab

7025 Qiyr Cheres keer kheh'-res

or (feminine of the latter word) Qiyr Chareseth {keer
khar-eh'-seth}; from 7023 and 2789; fortress of earthenware;
Kir-Cheres or Kir-Chareseth, a place in Moab:-Kir-haraseth,
Kir-hareseth, Kir-haresh, Kir-heres.
see HEBREW for 07023
see HEBREW for 02789


QIR-HARESETH; KIR-HERES - kur-har'-seth, -ha-re'-seth> (qir-charesh, Isa 16:7; in 2 Ki 3:25 the King James Version reads Kir-haraseth (pausal form)); (qir cheres, Jer 48:31,36; in Isa 16:11 the King James Version reads Kir-haresh (pausal form)): Modern scholars unanimously identify this city with Kir of Moab. In Jehoram's invasion of Moab it alone withstood his attack; and on the city wall the king of Moab sacrificed his son (2 Ki 3:25 ff). It was obviously the capital, i.e. Kir Moab. The name is generally taken to mean "city of the sun." Cheyne, however, points out (EB, under the word): (1) that this explanation was unknown to the ancients; (2) that"kir" is nowhere suposed to mean "city," except in the compound names Kir-heres, Kir-hareseth, and Kir Moab; (3) that cheres, "sun," nowhere has a feminine ending, and (4) that Isa 16:7 Septuagint and Aquila.) indicates "d" and not "r" in the second part of the name (Deseth). He suggests, therefore, that we should possibly read qiryath chadhdshah, "new city."

W. Ewing

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