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HEBREW: 4313 Nwqry ym Mey hay-Yarqown
NAVE: Me-jarkon
EBD: Me-jarkon
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In Bible versions:

Jarkon: NET
Me-Jarkon: AVS TEV
Me Jarkon: NIV
Me-jarkon: NRSV NASB
a town on the NW border of Dan, close to Joppa
Google Maps: Me-jarkon (32° 7´, 34° 47´)


Strongs #04313: Nwqry ym Mey hay-Yarqown

Me-jarkon = "waters of yellowness"

1) a town in Dan near Joppa

4313 Mey hay-Yarqown may hah'-ee-yar-kone'

from 4325 and 3420 with the art. interposed; water of the
yellowness; Me-haj-Jarkon, a place in Palestine:-Me-jarkon.
see HEBREW for 04325
see HEBREW for 03420

Me-jarkon [EBD]

waters of yellowness, or clear waters, a river in the tribe of Dan (Josh. 19:46). It has been identified with the river 'Aujeh, which rises at Antipatris.

Me-jarkon [NAVE]

ME-JARKON, a city in Dan, Josh. 19:46.


ME-JARKON - me-jar'-kon (me ha-yarqon; thalassa Hierakon): The Hebrew may mean "yellow water." The phrase is literally, "the waters of Jarkon." Septuagint reads "and from the river, Jarkon and the boundary near Joppa." From this possibly we should infer a place called Jarkon in the lot of Dan; but no name resembling this has been found. The text (Josh 19:46) is corrupt.

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