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HEBREW: 3402 byry Yariyb
NAVE: Jarib
EBD: Jarib
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In Bible versions:

son of Simeon
one of the leaders Ezra sent to Iddo to ask for recruits
a priest of the Jeshua clan who put away his heathen wife

fighting; chiding; multiplying; avenging


Strongs #03402: byry Yariyb

Jarib = "he contends"

1) a son of Simeon
2) one of the chief men of Israel who returned from exile with Ezra
3) son of Jozadak and a priest of the house of Jeshua who married a
foreign wife and was compelled by Ezra to put her away

3402 Yariyb yaw-rebe'

the same as 3401; Jarib, the name of three
see HEBREW for 03401

Jarib [EBD]

an adversary. (1.) A son of Simeon (1 Chr. 4:24).

(2.) One of the chiefs sent by Ezra to bring up the priests to Jerusalem (Ezra 8:16).

(3.) Ezra 10:18.

Jarib [NAVE]

1. Son of Simeon, 1 Chr. 4:24.
2. A chief among the captivity, Ezra 8:16.
3. A priest who married an idolatrous wife, Ezra 10:18.


  1. Named in the list of (1 Chronicles 4:24) only, as a son of Simeon. Perhaps the same as JACHIN. Genesis46; Exod 6; Numb 26.
  2. One of the "chief men" who accompanied Ezra on his journey from Babylon to Jerusalem. (Ezra 8:16) (B.C. 469.)
  3. A priest of the house of Jeshua the son of Jozadak, who had married a foreign wife, and was compelled by Ezra to put her away. (Ezra 10:18) (B.C. 459.)
  4. 1 Macc. 14:29. A contraction or corruption of the name JOARIB. ch. 2:1.


JARIB - ja'-rib, jar'-ib (yaribh, "he contends," or "takes (our) part," or "conducts (our) case"):

(1) In 1 Ch 4:24, a "son" (clan) of Simeon = "Jachin" of Gen 46:10; Ex 6:15; Nu 26:12.

(2)In Ezr 8:16, one of the "chief men" for whom Ezra sent, and dispatched by him to Casiphia to fetch ministers for God's house = "Joribus" (1 Esdras 8:44).

(3) In Ezr 10:18, a priest who had married a foreign wife = "Joribus" (1 Esdras 9:19).

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