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In Bible versions:

Ismaiah: AVS TEV
son of Obadiah; David's chief officer over the tribe of Zebulun
a man of Gibeon of Benjamin who defected to David at Ziklag
a man of Gibeon who joined him at Ziklag

hearing or obeying the Lord


Strongs #03460: hyemvy Yishma`yah or whyemvy Yishma`yahuw

Ishmaiah = "Jehovah will hear"

1) a Gibeonite and one of David's mighty warriors
2) a son of Obadiah and the ruler of the tribe of Zebulun in the time
of king David

3460 Yishma`yah yish-mah-yaw'

or Yishmacyahuw {yish-mah-yaw'-hoo}; from 8085 and 3050; Jah
will hear; Jishmajah, the name of two Israelites:-Ishmaiah.
see HEBREW for 08085
see HEBREW for 03050

Ishmaiah [EBD]

heard by Jehovah. (1.) A Gibeonite who joined David at Ziklag, "a hero among the thirty and over the thirty" (1 Chr. 12:4).

(2.) Son of Obadiah, and viceroy of Zebulun under David and Solomon (1 Chr. 27:19).

Ishmaiah [NAVE]

ISHMAIAH, a prince of Zebulun, 1 Chr. 27:19.

Ismaiah [NAVE]

ISMAIAH, a Gibeonite who joined David at Ziklag, 1 Chr. 12:4.


(Jehovah hears), son of Obadiah; the ruler of the tribe of Zebulun in the time of King David. (1 Chronicles 27:19) (B.C. 1046.)


ISHMAIAH - ish-ma'-ya (yishma`yah, "Yah is hearing"):

(1) A man of Gibeon, chief of David's 30 great warriors, who came to him at Ziklag (1 Ch 12:4, the King James Version "Ismaiah").

(2) Chief of the armed contingent of the tribe of Zebulun, which served David in the monthly order of the tribes (1 Ch 27:19).


ISMAIAH - is-ma'-ya.


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