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HEBREW: 2246 bbx Chobab
NAVE: Hobab
EBD: Hobab
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In Bible versions:

son of Reuel the Midianite; brother-in-law to Moses

favored; beloved


Strongs #02246: bbx Chobab

Hobab = "cherished"

1) the son of Reuel, the Midianite father-in-law of Moses, also known
as Jethro, and brother-in-law of Moses

2246 Chobab kho-bawb'

from 2245; cherished; Chobab, father-in-law of Moses:-Hobab.
see HEBREW for 02245

Hobab [EBD]

beloved, the Kenite, has been usually identified with Jethro (q.v.), Ex. 18:5, 27; comp. Num. 10:29, 30. In Judg. 4:11, the word rendered "father-in-law" means properly any male relative by marriage (comp. Gen. 19:14, "son-in-law," A.V.), and should be rendered "brother-in-law," as in the R.V. His descendants followed Israel to Canaan (Num. 10:29), and at first pitched their tents near Jericho, but afterwards settled in the south in the borders of Arad (Judg. 1:8-11, 16).

Hobab [NAVE]

HOBAB, son of Raguel, Num. 10:29; Judg. 4:11.


(beloved). This name is found in two places only (Numbers 10:29; Judges 4:11) Hobab was brother-in-law to Moses. (B.C. 1530.)


HOBAB - ho'-bab (chobhabh, "beloved"; Septuagint Obab): This name occurs only twice (Nu 10:29; Jdg 4:11). It is not certain whether it denotes the father-in-law or the brother-in-law of Moses. The direct statement of Nu 10:29 is that Hobab was "the son of Reuel" (the King James Version "Raguel"). This is probably the correct view and finds support in Ex 18:27, which tells us that some time before the departure of the Israelites from Sinai, Jethro had departed and returned to his own land. The statement of Jdg 4:11 is ambiguous, and therefore does not help us out of the difficulty, but is rather itself to be interpreted in the light of the earlier statement in Nu 10:29.

Mohammedan traditions favor the view that Hobab was only another name for Jethro. But this has little weight against the statements of Scripture. However, whether father-in-law or brother-in-law to Moses, the service he rendered to the leader of the hosts of Israel was most valuable and beautiful. Hobab was an experienced sheikh of the desert whose counsel and companionship Moses desired in the unfamiliar regions through which he was to journey. His knowledge of the wilderness and of its possible dangers would enable him to be to the Israelites "instead of eyes."

The facts recorded of this man are too meager to enable us to answer all the questions that arise concerning him. A difficulty that remains unsolved is the fact that in Jdg 1:16 and 4:11 he is described as a Kenite, while in Ex 3:1 and 18:1, the father-in-law of Moses is spoken of as "the priest of Midian."

Jesse L. Cotton

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