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HEBREW: 1034 twabl tyb Beyth L@ba'owth
NAVE: Beth-lebaoth
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Beth Lebaoth

In Bible versions:

Beth Lebaoth: NET NIV
Beth-Lebaoth: AVS TEV
Beth-lebaoth: NRSV NASB
a town that belonged to the tribe of Simeon

house of lionesses
Google Maps: Beth-lebaoth (31° 23´, 34° 56´)


Strongs #01034: twabl tyb Beyth L@ba'owth

Beth-lebaoth = "house of lionesses"

1) a place in Simeon

1034 Beyth Lba'owth bayth leb-aw-oth'

from 1004 and the plural of 3833; house of lionesses;
Beth-Lebaoth, a place in Palestine:-Beth-lebaoth. Compare
see HEBREW for 01004
see HEBREW for 03833
see HEBREW for 03822

Beth-lebaoth [NAVE]

A town of Simeon, Josh. 19:6.
Called Lebaoth, Josh. 15:32, and Beth-birei, 1 Chr. 4:31.


BETH-LEBAOTH - beth-le-ba'-oth, beth-leb'-aoth (beth lebha'oth; Baithalbath, "house of lionesses"): A town in the territory of Simeon (Josh 19:6). In 1 Ch 4:31 the name is given as Beth-birei: the Revised Version (British and American) BETH-BIRI (which see).

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