labiy' <03833>

aybl labiy' or (\\#Eze 19:2\\) aybl l@biya' irreg. masc. pl. Myabl l@ba'iym irreg. fem. pl. twabl l@ba'owth

Pronunciation:law-bee' leb-ee-yaw', leb-aw-eem', leb-aw-oth'
Origin:from an unused root men. to roar
Reference:TWOT - 1070b 1070c
PrtSpch:noun masculine, noun feminime
In Hebrew:aybl 5, ayblk 4, ayblkw 2, Mabl 1, wytabll 1, aybll 1
In NET:lioness 9, lionesses 2, lion 1, lions 1, lion's 1
In AV:lion 5, great lion 3, old lion 2, stout lion 1, lioness 2, young 1
Definition:n m
1) lion

n f
2) lioness
or (Ezek. 19:2) lbiyao {leb-ee-yaw'}; irreg. masculine plural
lbaviym {leb-aw-eem'}; irreg. feminine plural lbaeowth
{leb-aw-oth'}; from an unused root men. to roar; a lion
(properly, a lioness as the fiercer (although not a roarer;
compare 738)):-(great, old, stout) lion, lioness, young
see HEBREW for 0738

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