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HEBREW: 1028 Nrh tyb Beyth ha-Ran
NAVE: Beth-haran
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Beth Haran

In Bible versions:

Beth Haran: NET NIV
Beth-Haran: AVS TEV
Beth-haran: NRSV NASB
a town of Gad

house of grace
Google Maps: Beth-haran (31° 49´, 35° 34´)


Strongs #01028: Nrh tyb Beyth ha-Ran

Beth-haran = "house of their mount: house of the joyful shouter"

1) a place in Gad, possibly "Beth Harran", one hour east of Jordan,
opposite Jericho

1028 Beyth ha-Ran bayth haw-rawn'

probably for 1027; Beth-ha-Ram, a place East of the
see HEBREW for 01027

Beth-haran [NAVE]

A fortified city E. of Jordan, Num. 32:36.
Probably identical with Beth-aram, Josh. 13:27.


BETH-HARAN - beth-ha'-ran (beth haran): A fenced city East of the Jordan (Nu 32:36) identical with BETH-HARAM, which see.

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