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HEBREW: 1125 bdnyba-Nb Ben-'Abiynadab
NAVE: Ben-abinadab
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In Bible versions:

Ben-Abinadab: NET AVS NIV TEV
Ben-abinadab: NRSV NASB
an officer of Solomon's over the food supply from Naphath-Dor


Strongs #01125: bdnyba-Nb Ben-'Abiynadab

Ben-Abinadab = "son of Abinadab"

1) an officer of Solomon

1125 Ben-'Abiynadab ben-ab-ee''-naw-dawb'

from 1121 and 40; (the) son of Abinadab; Ben-Abinadab, an
Israelite:-the son of Abinadab.
see HEBREW for 01121
see HEBREW for 040

Ben-abinadab [NAVE]

See: Abinadab.


BEN-ABINADAB - ben-a-bin'-a-dab, ben-ab-i-na'-dab (ben 'abhinadhabh, "son of Abinadab"): One of the "captains" of Solomon who provided for the king and his household, each for a month in the year (1 Ki 4:11). His district was the region of Dor. In the King James Version he is called "the son of Abinadab." His wife was Tappath, the daughter of Solomon.

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