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HEBREW: 333 rja 'Ater
NAVE: Ater
EBD: Ater
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In Bible versions:

a man whose descendants returned from exile in Babylon
a Levite; head of a group of gatekeepers in Ezra's time
an Israelite chief who signed the covenant to obey God's law

left hand; shut


Strongs #0333: rja 'Ater

Ater = "binder"

1) an exiled descendant of Hezekiah
2) an exiled Levite porter (perhaps same as 1)
3) a chief Israelite who sealed Nehemiah's covenant

333 'Ater aw-tare'

from 332; maimed; Ater, the name of three Israelites:-Ater.
see HEBREW for 0332

Ater [EBD]

shut; lame. (1.) Ezra 2:16. (2.) Neh. 10:17. (3.) Ezra 2:42.

Ater [NAVE]

1. A descendant of Hezekiah, who returned from Babylon, Ezra 2:16; Neh. 7:21.
2. A porter, Ezra 2:42; Neh. 7:45.
3. An Israelite, who subscribed to Nehemiah's covenant, Neh. 10:17.


(shut up).
  1. The children of Ater were among the porters or gate-keepers of the temple who returned with Zerubbabel. (Ezra 2:42; Nehemiah 7:45)
  2. The children of ATER OF HEZEKIAH to the number of 98 returned with Zerubbabel, (Ezra 2:16; Nehemiah 7:21) and were among the heads of the people who signed the covenant with Nehemiah. (Nehemiah 10:17)


ATER - a'-ter ('aTer, "bound" (?)): (1) The ancestor of a family of 98 persons who returned from Babylonian captivity with Zerubbabel (Ezr 2:16; Neh 7:21). the King James Version has "Ater of Hezekiah"; the Revised Version (British and American) of 1 Esdras 5:15 has "Ater of Ezekias," margin, "Ater of Hezekiah." the King James Version has "Aterezias."

(2) The head of a family of porters who returned from Babylon to Jerusalem (Ezr 2:42; Neh 7:45).

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