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In Bible versions:

Atroth Beth-Joab: NET
Ataroth-Addar: AVS TEV
Atroth-Beth-Joab: AVS TEV
Ataroth Addar: NIV
Atroth Beth Joab: NIV
Ataroth-addar: NRSV NASB
Atroth-beth-joab: NRSV NASB
a town of Reuben, fortified by Gad (ZD), located 8 miles NW of Dibon and 8 miles east of the Dead Sea.
a town on the border of Ephraim and Manasseh (OS)
a town on the border of Ephraim and Benjamin (OS)
a town near Bethlehem in Judah

crowns of power
Google Maps: Ataroth (1) (31° 36´, 35° 42´); Ataroth (2) (31° 51´, 35° 7´); Ataroth-addar (31° 51´, 35° 7´)


Strongs #05852: twrje `Atarowth or trje `Ataroth

Ataroth = "crowns"

1) a town east of the Jordan in Gilead, taken and built by the tribe
of Gad
2) a place on the boundary of Ephraim and Manasseh
3) a place between Ephraim and Benjamin

5852 `Atarowth at-aw-roth'

or Ataroth {at-aw-roth'}; plural of 5850; Ataroth, the name
(thus simply) of two places in Palestine:-Ataroth.
see HEBREW for 05850

Strongs #05853: rda twrje `Atrowth 'Addar

Ataroth-adar or Ataroth-addar = "crowns of glory"

1) a Gadite town on the west border of Benjamin

5853 `Atrowth 'Addar at-roth' ad-dawr'

from the same as 5852 and 146; crowns of Addar; Atroth-Addar,
a place in Palestine: -Ataroth-adar(-addar).
see HEBREW for 05852
see HEBREW for 0146

Strongs #05854: bawy tyb twrje `Atrowth beyth Yow'ab

Ataroth = "the crowns of"

1) the house of Joab, a place in Judah

5854 `Atrowth beyth Yow'ab at-roth' bayth yo-awb'

from the same as 5852 and 1004 and 3097; crowns of the house
of Joab; Atroth-beth-Joab, a place in Palestine:-Ataroth the
house of Joab.
see HEBREW for 05852
see HEBREW for 01004
see HEBREW for 03097

Ataroth [EBD]

crowns. (1.) A city east of Jordan, not far from Gilead (Num. 32:3).

(2.) A town on the border of Ephraim and Benjamin (Josh. 16:2, 7), called also Ataroth-adar (16:5). Now ed-Da'rieh.

(3.) "Ataroth, the house of Joab" (1 Chr. 2:54), a town of Judah inhabited by the descendants of Caleb.

Ataroth [NAVE]

ATAROTH, called also Atroth. 1. A city E. of Jordan, Num. 32:3, 34.
2. A city, or possibly two different cities, of Ephraim, Josh. 16:2, 5, 7; 18:13.
3. A city of Judah, 1 Chr. 2:54.
4. A city of Gad, Num. 32:35.

Ataroth Addar [NAVE]

See: Ataroth 2.


  1. One of the towns in the "land of Jazer and land of Gilead," (Numbers 32:3) east of the Jordan, taken and built by the tribe of Gad. (Numbers 32:34)
  2. A place on the (south?) boundary of Ephraim and Manasseh. (Joshua 16:2,7) It is impossible to say whether Ataroth is or is not the same place as
  3. ATAROTH-ADAR, or -ADDAR, on the west border of Benjamin, "near the ?mountain? that is on the south side of the nether Beth-horon." (Joshua 16:5; 18:13) Perhaps the modern Atara, six miles northeast of Bethel.
  4. "ATAROTH, THE HOUSE OF JOAB," a place(?) occurring in the list of the descendants of Judah. (1 Chronicles 2:54)


ATAROTH - at'-a-roth, a-ta'-roth (`aTaroth, "crowns" or "wreaths"; Ataroth):

(1) A city East of the Jordan, apparently in the territory given to Reuben, but built, or fortified, by the children of Gad (Nu 32:3,34). It is named along with Dibon, which is identified with Dhiban. Eight miles Northeast by North of Dibon, on the South of Wady Zerqa Ma`in, stands Jebel `Attarus, in which the ancient name is preserved. The city is doubtless represented by Khirbet `Attarus, about 4 miles West of the mountain.

(2) A place on the boundary between Ephraim and Benjamin, toward the West (Josh 16:2). It seems to be the same as Ataroth-addar of Josh 16:5 and 18:13. It is probably to be identified with the modern ed-Dariyeh South of nether Bethhoron, and about 12 1/2 miles West of Jerusalem.

(3) A place on the eastern frontier of Ephraim (Josh 16:7). This town has not been identified. Conder thinks it may be identified with et-Truneh in the Jordan valley, or with Khirbet et-Taiyereh.

W. Ewing


ATAROTH-ADDAR - at'-a-roth-ad'-ar (`aTroth 'addar, "crowns of Addar").

See ATAROTH (2).


ATROTH-BETH-JOAB - at-roth-beth-jo'-ab `aTroth beth yo'abh "crowns of the house of Joab"): the King James Version "Ataroth," the house of Joab. Probably a family in Judah (1 Ch 2:54).

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