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HEBREW: 139 qdu-ynda 'Adoniy-Tsedeq
NAVE: Adoni-Zedek
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In Bible versions:

Adoni-Zedek: NET AVS NIV TEV
Adoni-zedek: NRSV NASB
a king of Jerusalem whom Joshua defeated and executed

justice of the Lord; lord of justice


Strongs #0139: qdu-ynda 'Adoniy-Tsedeq

Adoni-zedek = "my lord is righteous"

1) Canaanite king slain by Joshua

139 'Adoniy-Tsedeq ad-o''-nee-tseh'-dek

from 113 and 6664; lord of justice; Adoni-Tsedek, a
Canaanitish king:-Adonizedec.
see HEBREW for 0113
see HEBREW for 06664

Adoni-Zedek [NAVE]

ADONI-ZEDEK, a King of Jerusalem, Josh. 10:1-27.


ADONI-ZEDEK - a-do-ni-ze'-dek ('adhonitsedheq, "lord of righteousness"): King of Jerusalem at the time of the conquest of Canaan (Josh 10:1). When he heard of the fall of Ai and the submission of the Gibeonites, he entered into a league with four other kings to resist Joshua and Israel, and to punish Gibeon (Josh 10:3,4), but was overthrown by Joshua in a memorable battle (10:12-14). Adoni-zedek and his four allies were shut up in a cave, while the battle lasted, and afterward were taken out by Joshua's order, put to death and hanged on trees (Josh 10:22-27). It is noticeable that the name is almost the equivalent of Melchizedek, malkitsedheq, "king of righteousness," who was ruler of Jerusalem in the time of Abraham.

Edward Mack

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