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HEBREW: 45 Nwble-yba 'Abiy-`albown
NAVE: Abi-Albon
EBD: Abi-albon
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In Bible versions:

Abi-albon: NRSV NASB
a man from the Arabah who was one of David's military elite

most intelligent father


Strongs #045: Nwble-yba 'Abiy-`albown

Abialbon = "El (God) is my father"

1) one of David's mighty men (hero)

45 'Abiy-`albown ab-ee-al-bone'

from 1 and and an unused root of uncertain. derivation;
probably, father of strength (i.e. valiant); Abialbon, an
see HEBREW for 01

Abi-albon [EBD]

father of strength; i.e., "valiant", one of David's body-guard of thirty mighty men (2 Sam. 23:31); called also Abiel (1 Chr. 11:32).

Abi-Albon [NAVE]

ABI-ALBON, called also Abiel.
One of David's heroes, 2 Sam. 23:31; 1 Chr. 11:32.


ABI-ALBON - ab-i-al'-bon, abi-al'-bon ('abhi `alebhon, meaning not known. Gesenius infers from the Arabic a stem which would give the meaning "father of strength," and this is at worst not quite so groundless as the conjectures which explain `alebhon as a textual misreading for 'el or ba`al): Abi-albon the Arbathite was one of David's listed heroes (2 Sam 23:31), called Abiel the Arbathite in 1 Ch 11:32. Presumably he was from Beth-arabah (Josh 15:6,61; 18:22).

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