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In Bible versions:

Beth-Azmaveth: AVS TEV
Beth Azmaveth: NIV
Beth-azmaveth: NRSV NASB
a man from Bahurim who was one of David's military elite
son of Jehoaddah of Saul's descendants
father of Jeziel and Pelet of Benjamin who defected to David
a man whose descendants returned from exile in Babylon
a town of Benjamin 7 km NNW of Jerusalem
son of Adiel; the head over King David's treasuries

strong death; a he-goat
house of death's strength
Google Maps: Azmaveth (31° 50´, 35° 15´); Beth-azmaveth (31° 50´, 35° 15´)


Strongs #05820: twmze `Azmaveth

Azmaveth = "strong unto death"

n pr m
1) one of David's mighty warriors
2) a descendant of Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathan and grandson of
king Saul
3) a Benjamite, father of Jeziel and Pelet who were two of David's
men who joined him at Ziklag
4) overseer of the royal treasures in the reign of David

n pr loc
5) a place in Benjamin; also 'Beth-azmeveth'

5820 `Azmaveth az-maw'-veth

from 5794 and 4194; strong one of death; Azmaveth, the name
of three Israelites and of a place in Palestine:-Azmaveth.
See also 1041.
see HEBREW for 05794
see HEBREW for 04194
see HEBREW for 01041

Strongs #01041: twmze tyb Beyth `Azmaveth

Beth-azmaveth = "house of the strength of death"

1) a place near Jerusalem

1041 Beyth `Azmaveth bayth az-maw'-veth

from 1004 and 5820; house of Azmaveth, a place in
Palestine:-Beth-az-maveth. Compare 5820.
see HEBREW for 01004
see HEBREW for 05820
see HEBREW for 05820

Azmaveth [EBD]

strong as death. (1.) One of David's thirty warriors (2 Sam. 23:31).

(2.) An overseer over the royal treasury in the time of David and Solomon (1 Chr. 27:25).

(3.) A town in the tribe of Judah, near Jerusalem (Neh. 12:29; Ezra 2:24).

(4.) 1 Chr. 8:36

Azmaveth [NAVE]

1. One of David's heroes, 2 Sam. 23:31; 1 Chr. 11:33.
2. A descendant of Jonathan, 1 Chr. 8:36; 9:42.
3. Son of Adiel, 1 Chr. 27:25.
4. A village of Judah or Benjamin, Ezra 2:24; Neh. 12:29.
Called Beth-azmaveth, Neh. 7:28.

Beth-azmaveth [NAVE]

A town of Benjamin, Neh. 7:28.
Called Azmaveth, Neh. 12:29; Ezra 2:24.


(strong unto death).
  1. One of David?s mighty men, a native of Bahurim, (2 Samuel 23:31; 1 Chronicles 11:33) and therefore probably a Benjamite. (B.C. 1060).
  2. A descendant of Mephibosheth, or Merib-baal. (1 Chronicles 8:36; 9:42)
  3. The father of Jeziel and Pelet, two of the skilled Benjamite slingers and archers who joined David at Ziklag (1 Chronicles 10:3) perhaps identical with No. 1.
  4. Overseer of the royal treasures in the reign of David. (1 Chronicles 27:25)


a place to all appearance in Benjamin, being named with other towns belonging to that tribe. (Ezra 2:24) The name elsewhere occurs as BETH-AZMAVETH.


AZMAVETH (1) - az-ma'-veth `azmaweth:

(1) One of David's 30 mighty men (2 Sam 23:31; 1 Ch 11:33).

(2) A descendant of Jonathan, the son of Saul (1 Ch 8:36; 9:42).

(3) Father of two warriors who joined David at Ziklag (1 Ch 12:3).

(4) The name of one set over David's treasures (1 Ch 27:25). Some identify him with (1) and (3).


AZMAVETH (2) - az-ma'-veth `azmaweth; Asmoth or Azmoth, "strong one of death"; Ezek 2:24): Is probably identical with el-Chizma, a village a little to the North of `Anata (Anathoth). It corresponds to Beth-azmaveth (Neh 7:28).


BETH-AZMAVETH - beth-az-ma'-veth (Neh 7:28 ).


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