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HEBREW: 44 rzeyba 'Abiy`ezer 33 yrzeh yba 'Abiy ha-`Ezriy
NAVE: Abiezer
EBD: Abiezrite
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In Bible versions:

Abiezrites: NET NASB
son number two of Hammolecheth of Manasseh
a clan of Manasseh; residents of the clan land
a man of Benjamin from Anathoth; one of David's military elite
a member of the clan of Abiezer of Manasseh

father of help
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Strongs #044: rzeyba 'Abiy`ezer

Abiezer = "my father is help"

1) a Manassite, called "son" of Gilead, also son of Gilead's sister
2) a Benjamite, warrior of David

44 'Abiy`ezer ab-ee-ay'-zer

from 1 and 5829; father of help (i.e. helpful); Abiezer, the
name of two Israelites:-Abiezer.
see HEBREW for 01
see HEBREW for 05829

Strongs #033: yrzeh yba 'Abiy ha-`Ezriy

Abiezrite = "my father is help"

1) one of the family of Abiezer, a descendant of Joseph's son, Manasseh

33 'Abiy ha-`Ezriy ab-ee'-haw-ez-ree'

from 44 with the article inserted; father of the Ezrite; an
Abiezrite or descendant of Abiezer; - Abiezrite.
see HEBREW for 044

Abiezrite [EBD]

father of help, a descendant of Abiezer (Judg. 6:11,24; 8:32).

Abiezer [NAVE]

1. Called also Jeezer, progenitor of the Abiezrites, Num. 26:30; Josh. 17:2; Judg. 6:34; 8:2.
2. One of David's heroes, 2 Sam. 23:27; 1 Chr. 27:12.


(father of help, helpful).
  1. Eldest son of Gilead, and descendant of Manasseh. (Joshua 17:2; 1 Chronicles 7:18) (B.C. 1450.) He was the ancestor of the great judge Gideon. [GIDEON]
  2. One of David?s mighty men. (2 Samuel 23:27; 1 Chronicles 11:28; 27:12) (B.C. 1014.)


ABIEZER - ab-i-e'-zer, a-bi-e'-zer ('abhi`ezer, "father of help," or "my father is help." Iezer, Iezerite (in the King James Version Jeezer, Jeezerite), is Abiezer with the letter beth omitted):

(1) A descendant of Joseph the son of Jacob, and head of one of the families of Manasseh that settled West of the Jordan (Nu 26:30; Josh 17:1-6; 1 Ch 7:14-19). As he was great uncle to Zelophehad's daughters, who brought a case before Moses (Nu 36), he must have been an old man at the time of the conquest. He was the son of Gilead the son of Machir, in the sense of being a more remote descendant, for Machir had sons before the death of Joseph (Gen 50:23). The Machir that possessed Gilead and Bashan because he was "a man of war" was the Manassite family of Machir, with Jair as its great general (Josh 17:1; 13:30,31; Nu 32:39-41; Dt 3:12-15). To Abiezer and other sons of Gilead territory was assigned West of the Jordan.

In later generations the name survived as that of the family to which Gideon belonged, and perhaps also of the region which they occupied (Jdg 6:34; 8:2). They are also called Abiezrites (Jdg 6:11,24; 8:32). The region was West of Shechem, with Ophrah for its principal city.

(2) One of David's mighty men, "the Anathothite" (2 Sam 23:27; 1 Ch 11:28), who was also one of David s month-by-month captains, his month being the ninth (1 Ch 27:12).

Willis J. Beecher


ABIEZRITE - ab-i-ez'-rit, a-bi-ez'-rit: The Gentile adjective of ABIEZER, which see.

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