lampros <2986>

lamprov lampros

Origin:from the same as 2985
Reference:TDNT - 4:16,497
In Greek:lampra 3, lampran 2, lampron 3, lamprov 1
In NET:bright 3, as clear as 1, elegant 1, fine 1, shining 1, finely 1, splendor 1
In AV:bright 2, goodly 2, white 2, gorgeous 1, gay 1, clear 1
Definition:1) shining
1a) brilliant
1b) clear, transparent
2) splendid, magnificent
2a) splendid things i.e. luxuries or elegancies in dress or style
from the same as 2985; radiant; by analogy, limpid; figuratively,
magnificent or sumptuous (in appearance):-bright, clear, gay, goodly,
gorgeous, white.
see GREEK for 2985

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