diegeiro <1326>

diegeirw diegeiro

Origin:from 1223 and 1453
In Greek:diegeirein 1, diegeireto 1, diegeirw 1, diegeryeiv 2, dihgeiran 1
In NET:got up 1, I am trying to stir up 1, he got up 1, to stir up 1, was getting rough 1, woke 1
In AV:awake 2, arise 2, stir up 2, raise 1
Definition:1) to wake up, awaken, arouse (from sleep)
1a) of the sea, which begins to be agitated, to rise
1b) metaph.
1b1) to arouse the mind
1b2) stir up, render active
from 1223 and 1453; to wake fully; i.e. arouse (literally or
figuratively):-arise, awake, raise, stir up.
see GREEK for 1223
see GREEK for 1453

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