'Apharc@kay (Aramaic) <0671>

yktorpa 'Apharc@kay (Aramaic) or yktorpa 'Apharcathkay (Aramaic)

Pronunciation:af-ar-sek-ah'ee af-ar-sath-kah'ee
Origin:of foreign origin
Reference:TWOT - 2599 2600
PrtSpch:noun proper masculine plural
In Hebrew:aykorpa 2, ayktorpaw 1
In NET:officials 2, rulers 1
In AV:Apharsachites 2, Apharsathchites 1
Definition:Apharsachites = "as causers of division (?)"
Apharsathchites = "I will divide the deceivers (?)"
1) (CLBL) an unknown office
2) (BDB) perhaps an office or an official
3) (TWOT)
3a) a people
3b) perhaps a title of an official
(Aramaic) or fApharcathkay (Aramaic) {af-ar-sath-kah'ee}; of
foreign origin (only in the plural); an Apharsekite or
Apharsathkite, an unknown Assyrian tribe:-Apharsachites,

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