`avath <05791>

twe `avath

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 1591
In Hebrew:twey 4, wtwe 1, wtwethw 1, yntwe 1, twel 1, ynwtwe 1, twelw 1, twem 1
In NET:pervert 3, bent 2, opposes 1, defraud 1, rigged 1, stoop over 1, slandered 1, wronged 1
In AV:pervert 3, crooked 2, bow 1, bow down 1, falsifying 1, overthrown 1, perversely 1, subvert 1
Definition:1) to be bent, be crooked, bend, make crooked, pervert
1a) (Piel)
1a1) to make crooked, falsify, pervert, subvert
1a2) to bend, make crooked
1b) (Pual) thing bent (participle)
1c) (Hithpael) to bend oneself
a primitive root; to wrest:-bow self, (make) crooked.,
falsifying, overthrow, deal perversely, pervert, subvert, turn
upside down.

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