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Origin:pass. participle of an unused root meaning to separate
Reference:TWOT - 295a
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:hlwtb 14, tlwtb 14, twlwtb 5, tlwtbh 4, hlwtbw 3, ytlwtb 2, hlwtbh 2, tltb 1, wytlwtbw 1, hlwtbk 1, hytlwtb 1, twltb 1, tlwtbl 1
In NET:virgin 21, young women 12, virgins 5, women 3, dear children 3, young woman 2, Virgin 1, maidens of honor 1, young virgin 1, dear poor people 1
In AV:virgin 38, maid 7, maiden 5
Definition:1) virgin
feminine passive participle of an unused root meaning to
separate; a virgin (from her privacy); sometimes (by
continuation) a bride; also (figuratively) a city or
state:-maid, virgin.

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