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Genesis 10:16

10:16 the Jebusites, 1  Amorites, 2  Girgashites, 3 

Genesis 10:27

10:27 Hadoram, Uzal, 4  Diklah, 5 

1 sn The Jebusites were the Canaanite inhabitants of ancient Jerusalem.

2 sn Here Amorites refers to smaller groups of Canaanite inhabitants of the mountainous regions of Palestine, rather than the large waves of Amurru, or western Semites, who migrated to the region.

3 sn The Girgashites are an otherwise unknown Canaanite tribe, though the name is possibly mentioned in Ugaritic texts (see G. J. Wenham, Genesis [WBC], 1:226).

4 sn Uzal was the name of the old capital of Yemen.

5 sn The name Diklah means “date-palm.”

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