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Revelation 11:13

11:13 Just then 1  a major earthquake took place and a tenth of the city collapsed; seven thousand people 2  were killed in the earthquake, and the rest were terrified and gave glory to the God of heaven.

Revelation 11:19


11:19 Then 3  the temple of God in heaven was opened and the ark of his covenant was visible within his temple. And there were flashes of lightning, roaring, 4  crashes of thunder, an earthquake, and a great hailstorm. 5 

1 tn Here καί (kai) has not been translated because of differences between Greek and English style.

2 tn Grk “seven thousand names of men.”

3 tn Here καί (kai) has been translated as “then” to indicate the implied sequence on events within the vision.

4 tn Or “sounds,” “voices.” It is not entirely clear what this refers to. BDAG 1071 s.v. φωνή 1 states, “In Rv we have ἀστραπαὶ καὶ φωναὶ καὶ βρονταί (cp. Ex 19:16) 4:5; 8:5; 11:19; 16:18 (are certain other sounds in nature thought of here in addition to thunder, as e.g. the roar of the storm?…).”

5 tn Although BDAG 1075 s.v. χάλαζα gives the meaning “hail” here, it is not clear whether the adjective μεγάλη (megalh) refers to the intensity of the storm or the size of the individual hailstones, or both.

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