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Noun, Verb (transitive), Verb (intransitive)


whirr, n. & v. (also whir)
--n. a continuous rapid buzzing or softly clicking sound as of a bird's wings or of cog-wheels in constant motion.
--v.intr. (whirred, whirring) make this sound.

ME, prob. Scand.: cf. Da. hvirre, Norw. kvirra, perh. rel. to WHIRL




N roll, drumming, berloque, bombination, rumbling, tattoo, drumroll, dingdong, tantara, rataplan, whirr, ratatat, ratatat-tat, rubadub, pitapat, quaver, clutter, charivari, racket, cuckoo, repetition, peal of bells, devil's tattoo, reverberation, clickety-clack, hum, purr, hummingbird, cat, kitten (animal sounds), rolling, monotonous, like a bee in a bottle.

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