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Noun, Verb (transitive)


coven. [AS. cofa room; akin to G. koben pigsty, orig., hut, Icel. kofi hut, and perh. to E. cobalt.].
  •  A retired nook; especially, a small, sheltered inlet, creek, or bay; a recess in the shore.  [1913 Webster]
    "Vessels which were in readiness for him within secret coves and nooks."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A strip of prairie extending into woodland; also, a recess in the side of a mountain.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A concave molding.  [1913 Webster]
covev. t. 
     To arch over; to build in a hollow concave form; to make in the form of a cove.  [1913 Webster]
    "The mosques and other buildings of the Arabians are rounded into domes and coved roofs."  [1913 Webster]
Coved ceiling, a ceiling, the part of which next the wail is constructed in a cove. -- Coved vault, a vault composed of four coves meeting in a central point, and therefore the reverse of a groined vault.
covev. t. [CF. F. couver, It. covare. See Covey.].
     To brood, cover, over, or sit over, as birds their eggs.  [1913 Webster]
    "Not being able to cove or sit upon them [eggs], she [the female tortoise] bestoweth them in the gravel."  [1913 Webster]
coven. [A gypsy word, covo that man, covi that woman.].
     A boy or man of any age or station.  [1913 Webster]
    "There's a gentry cove here."  [1913 Webster]
    "Now, look to it, coves, that all the beef and drink
    Be not filched from us.
    "  [1913 Webster]


cove, n. & v.
1 a small, esp. sheltered, bay or creek.
2 a sheltered recess.
3 Archit. a concave arch or arched moulding, esp. one formed at the junction of a wall with a ceiling.
--v.tr. Archit.
1 provide (a room, ceiling, etc.) with a cove.
2 slope (the sides of a fireplace) inwards.

cove, n. Brit. sl. archaic a fellow; a chap.

16th-c. cant: orig. unkn.



Adamite, abri, alcove, antre, apse, arcade, arcature, arch, arched roof, archway, arm, armlet, bastard, bay, bayou, being, belt, bight, bird, boca, body, bugger, bunker, burrow, camber, carrel, cat, cave, cavern, ceilinged roof, chap, character, concameration, concha, corner, cranny, creature, creek, cubby, cubbyhole, cubicle, cupola, customer, dome, duck, dugout, earthling, estuary, euripus, feller, fellow, fjord, foxhole, frith, geodesic dome, grot, grotto, groundling, gulf, gut, guy, hand, harbor, head, hole, homo, human, human being, igloo, individual, inglenook, inlet, jasper, joker, keystone, kyle, lad, lair, life, living soul, loch, man, mortal, mouth, narrow, narrow seas, narrows, natural harbor, niche, nook, nose, ogive, one, oriel, party, person, personage, personality, pitchhole, reach, recess, recession, road, roads, roadstead, roomlet, sewer, single, skewback, slough, snuggery, somebody, someone, soul, sound, span, strait, straits, stud, subterrane, subway, tellurian, terran, tunnel, vault, vaulting, voussoir, warren, worldling




N receptacle, inclosure, recipient, receiver, reservatory, compartment, cell, cellule, follicle, hole, corner, niche, recess, nook, crypt, stall, pigeonhole, cove, oriel, cave, capsule, vesicle, cyst, pod, calyx, cancelli, utricle, bladder, pericarp, udder, stomach, paunch, venter, ventricle, crop, craw, maw, gizzard, breadbasket, mouth, pocket, pouch, fob, sheath, scabbard, socket, bag, sac, sack, saccule, wallet, cardcase, scrip, poke, knit, knapsack, haversack, sachel, satchel, reticule, budget, net, ditty bag, ditty box, housewife, hussif, saddlebags, portfolio, quiver, chest, box, coffer, caddy, case, casket, pyx, pix, caisson, desk, bureau, reliquary, trunk, portmanteau, band-box, valise, grip, grip sack, skippet, vasculum, boot, imperial, vache, cage, manger, rack, vessel, vase, bushel, barrel, canister, jar, pottle, basket, pannier, buck-basket, hopper, maund, creel, cran, crate, cradle, bassinet, wisket, whisket, jardiniere, corbeille, hamper, dosser, dorser, tray, hod, scuttle, utensil, brazier, cuspidor, spittoon, cistern, vat, caldron, barrel, cask, drum, puncheon, keg, rundlet, tun, butt, cag, firkin, kilderkin, carboy, amphora, bottle, jar, decanter, ewer, cruse, caraffe, crock, kit, canteen, flagon, demijohn, flask, flasket, stoup, noggin, vial, phial, cruet, caster, urn, epergne, salver, patella, tazza, patera, pig gin, big gin, tyg, nipperkin, pocket pistol, tub, bucket, pail, skeel, pot, tankard, jug, pitcher, mug, pipkin, galipot, gallipot, matrass, receiver, retort, alembic, bolthead, capsule, can, kettle, bowl, basin, jorum, punch bowl, cup, goblet, chalice, tumbler, glass, rummer, horn, saucepan, skillet, posnet, tureen, beaker, flask, Erlenmeyer flask, Florence flask, round-bottom flask, graduated cylinder, test tube, culture tube, pipette, Pasteur pipette, disposable pipette, syringe, vial, carboy, vacuum flask, Petri dish, microtiter tray, centrifuge tube, bail, beaker, billy, canakin, catch basin, catch drain, chatti, lota, mussuk, schooner, spider, terrine, toby, urceus, plate, platter, dish, trencher, calabash, porringer, potager, saucer, pan, crucible, glassware, tableware, vitrics, compote, gravy boat, creamer, sugar bowl, butter dish, mug, pitcher, punch bowl, chafing dish, shovel, trowel, spoon, spatula, ladle, dipper, tablespoon, watch glass, thimble, closet, commode, cupboard, cellaret, chiffonniere, locker, bin, bunker, buffet, press, clothespress, safe, sideboard, drawer, chest of drawers, chest on chest, highboy, lowboy, till, scrutoire, secretary, secretaire, davenport, bookcase, cabinet, canterbury, escritoire, etagere, vargueno, vitrine, chamber, apartment, room, cabin, office, court, hall, atrium, suite of rooms, apartment, flat, story, saloon, salon, parlor, by-room, cubicle, presence chamber, sitting room, best room, keeping room, drawing room, reception room, state room, gallery, cabinet, closet, pew, box, boudoir, adytum, sanctum, bedroom, dormitory, refectory, dining room, salle-a-manger, nursery, schoolroom, library, study, studio, billiard room, smoking room, den, stateroom, tablinum, tenement, bath room, bathroom, toilet, lavatory, powder room, john, jakes, necessary, loo, men's room, ladies' room, rest room, (uncleanness), 653 attic, loft, garret, cockloft, clerestory, cellar, vault, hold, cockpit, cubbyhole, cook house, entre-sol, mezzanine floor, ground floor, rez-de-chaussee, basement, kitchen, pantry, bawarchi-khana, scullery, offices, storeroom, lumber room, dairy, laundry, coach house, garage, hangar, outhouse, penthouse, lean-to, portico, porch, stoop, stope, veranda, patio, lanai, terrace, deck, lobby, court, courtyard, hall, vestibule, corridor, passage, breezeway, ante room, ante chamber, lounge, piazza, veranda, conservatory, greenhouse, bower, arbor, summerhouse, alcove, grotto, hermitage, lodging, bed, carriage, capsular, saccular, sacculated, recipient, ventricular, cystic, vascular, vesicular, cellular, camerated, locular, multilocular, polygastric, marsupial, siliquose, siliquous.


N concavity, depression, dip, hollow, hollowness, indentation, intaglio, cavity, dent, dint, dimple, follicle, pit, sinus, alveolus, lacuna, excavation, strip mine, trough, honeycomb, cup, basin, crater, punch bowl, cell, socket, valley, vale, dale, dell, dingle, combe, bottom, slade, strath, glade, grove, glen, cave, cavern, cove, grot, grotto, alcove, cul-de- sac, gully, arch, bay, excavator, sapper, miner, honeycomb (sponge), depressed, alveolate, calathiform, cup-shaped, dishing, favaginous, faveolate, favose, scyphiform, scyphose, concave, hollow, stove in, retiring, retreating, cavernous, porous, infundibul, infundibular, infundibuliform, funnel shaped, bell shaped, campaniform, capsular, vaulted, arched.


N gulf, lake, land covered with water, gulf, gulph, bay, inlet, bight, estuary, arm of the sea, bayou, fiord, armlet, frith, firth, ostiary, mouth, lagune, lagoon, indraught, cove, creek, natural harbor, roads, strait, narrows, Euripus, sound, belt, gut, kyles, continental slope, continental shelf, lake, loch, lough, mere, tarn, plash, broad, pond, pool, lin, puddle, slab, well, artesian well, standing water, dead water, sheet of water, fish pond, mill pond, ditch, dike, dyke, dam, reservoir, alberca, barachois, hog wallow, lacustrine.

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