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  •  Drawn together; shrunken; wrinkled; narrow; as, a contracted brow; a contracted noun.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Narrow; illiberal; selfish; as, a contracted mind; contracted views.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Bargained for; betrothed; as, a contracted peace.  [1913 Webster]
    "Inquire me out contracted bachelors."  [1913 Webster]



Spartan, abated, abbreviated, ablated, abridged, affianced, agreed, aposiopestic, arranged, assured, attenuated, bated, belittled, betrothed, blank, blind, blind-alley, bound, brief, brusque, cecal, choked, choked off, clamped, clipped, close, closed, committed, compact, compacted, compendious, compressed, compromised, concentrated, concise, condensed, consolidated, constricted, consumed, covenanted, cramped, crisp, curt, curtailed, cut, dead, dead-end, decreased, deflated, diminished, dissipated, docked, dropped, elliptic, engaged, epigrammatic, eroded, fallen, gnomic, guaranteed, intended, knitted, laconic, less, lesser, lower, lowered, miniaturized, nipped, obligated, pinched, pinched-in, pithy, pledged, plighted, pointed, promised, pruned, puckered, pursed, reduced, reserved, retrenched, scaled-down, sealed, sententious, settled, shorn, short, short and sweet, shortened, shorter, shrunk, shrunken, shut, signed, smaller, solidified, squeezed, squeezed shut, stipulated, strangled, strangulated, succinct, summary, sworn, synopsized, taciturn, terse, tight, to the point, truncated, undertaken, underwritten, unopen, unopened, unvented, unventilated, warranted, wasp-waisted, watered-down, weakened, worn, wrinkled




N contraction, reduction, diminution, decrease of size, defalcation, decrement, lessening, shrinking, compaction, tabes, collapse, emaciation, attenuation, tabefaction, consumption, marasmus, atrophy, systole, neck, hourglass, condensation, compression, compactness, compendium, squeezing, strangulation, corrugation, astringency, astringents, sclerotics, contractility, compressibility, coarctation, inferiority in size, contracting, astringent, shrunk, contracted, strangulated, tabid, wizened, stunted, waning, neap, compact, unexpanded &c (expand), contractile, compressible, smaller &c (small).


N narrowness, thinness, narrowness, closeness, exility, exiguity, line, hair's breadth, finger's breadth, strip, streak, vein, monolayer, epitaxial deposition, thinness, tenuity, emaciation, macilency, marcor, shaving, slip, thread paper, skeleton, shadow, anatomy, spindleshanks, lantern jaws, mere skin and bone, middle constriction, stricture, neck, waist, isthmus, wasp, hourglass, ridge, ghaut, ghat, pass, ravine, narrowing, coarctation, angustation, tapering, contraction, narrow, close, slender, thin, fine, thread-like, finespun, gossamer, paper-thin, taper, slim, slight-made, scant, scanty, spare, delicate, incapacious, contracted, unexpanded &c (expand), slender as a thread, emaciated, lean, meager, gaunt, macilent, lank, lanky, weedy, skinny, scrawny slinky, starved, starveling, herring gutted, worn to a shadow, lean as a rake, thin as a lath, thin as a whipping post, thin as a wafer, hatchet-faced, lantern-jawed, attenuated, shriveled, extenuated, tabid, marcid, barebone, rawboned, monomolecular.

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