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Adjective, Noun


agnatea. [L. agnatus, p. p. of agnasci to be born in addition to; ad + nasci (for gnasci) to be born. Cf. Adnate.].
  •  Related or akin by the father's side; also, sprung from the same male ancestor; as, agnate brother: a brother having the same father, but a different mother; in ths sense it is a correlative of uterine.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Allied; akin.  Pownall.  [1913 Webster]
    "Assume more or less of a fictitious character, but congenial and agnate with the former."  [1913 Webster]
agnaten. [Cf. F. agnat.].
     A relative whose relationship can be traced exclusively through males.  [1913 Webster]


agnate, adj. & n.
1 descended esp. by male line from the same male ancestor (cf. COGNATE).
2 descended from the same forefather; of the same clan or nation.
3 of the same nature; akin.
--n. one who is descended esp. by male line from the same male ancestor.

agnatic adj. agnation n.
L agnatus f. ad to + gnasci be born f. stem gen- beget



affiliated, affinal, affinitive, akin, alike, allied, analogous, avuncular, closely related, cognate, collateral, comparable, congeneric, congenerous, congenial, connate, connatural, connected, consanguine, consanguinean, consanguineous, conspecific, correlative, corresponding, distantly related, enate, foster, genetically related, german, germane, incident, kindred, matrilateral, matrilineal, matroclinous, novercal, of common source, of the blood, parallel, patrilateral, patrilineal, patroclinous, related, related by blood, sib, sibling, similar, undifferentiated, uniform, uterine




N consanguinity, relationship, kindred, blood, parentage, filiation, affiliation, lineage, agnation, connection, alliance, family connection, family tie, ties of blood, nepotism, kinsman, kinfolk, kith and kin, relation, relative, connection, sibling, sib, next of kin, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, cousin, cousin- german, first cousin, second cousin, cousin once removed, cousin twice removed, ear relation, distant relation, brother, sister, one's own flesh and blood, family, fraternity, brotherhood, sisterhood, cousinhood, race, stock, generation, sept, stirps, side, strain, breed, clan, tribe, nation, related, akin, consanguineous, of the blood, family, allied, collateral, cognate, agnate, connate, kindred, affiliated, fraternal, intimately related, nearly related, closely related, remotely related, distantly related, allied, german.

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