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HEBREW: 2468 hdlx Chuldah
NAVE: Huldah
EBD: Huldah
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In Bible versions:

wife of Shallum; a prophetess

the world


Strongs #02468: hdlx Chuldah

Huldah = "weasel"

1) a prophetess in the time of Josiah whom Josiah asked for an
authoritative opinion on the book of the law which Hilkiah found

2468 Chuldah khool-daw'

feminine of 2467; Chuldah, an Israelitess:-Huldah.
see HEBREW for 02467

Huldah [EBD]

weasel, a prophetess; the wife of Shallum. She was consulted regarding the "book of the law" discovered by the high priest Hilkiah (2 Kings 22:14-20; 2 Chr. 34:22-28). She resided in that part of Jerusalem called the Mishneh (A.V., "the college;" R.V., "the second quarter"), supposed by some to be the suburb between the inner and the outer wall, the second or lower city, Akra. Miriam (Ex. 15:20) and Deborah (Judg. 4:4) are the only others who bear the title of "prophetess," for the word in Isa. 8:3 means only the prophet's wife.

Huldah [NAVE]

HULDAH, a prophetess. Foretells the destruction of Jerusalem, 2 Kin. 22:14-20; 2 Chr. 34:22-28.


(weasel), a prophetess, whose husband, Shallum, was keeper of the wardrobe in the time of King Josiah. It was to her that Josiah had recourse, when Hilkiah found a book of the law, to procure an authoritative opinion on it. (2 Kings 22:14; 2 Chronicles 34:22) (B.C. 623.)


HULDAH - hul'-da (chuldah, "weasel"; Holda): A prophetess who lived in Jerusalem during the reign of Josiah. She was the wife of Shallum, keeper of the wardrobe, and resided in the "Mishneh" or second part or quarter of Jerusalem (location unknown). Cheyne says it should read, "She was sitting in the upper part of the gate of the Old City," i.e. in a public central place ready to receive any who wished to inquire of Yahweh. He gives no reason for such a change of text. The standing and reputation of Huldah in the city are attested by the fact that she was consulted when the Book of the Law was discovered. The king, high priest, counselors, etc., appealed to her rather than to Jeremiah, and her word was accepted by all as the word of Yahweh (2 Ki 22:14-20; 2 Ch 34:22-29).

J. J. Reeve

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