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HEBREW: 3572 Nvwk Kuwshan
NAVE: Cushan
EBD: Cushan
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In Bible versions:

a people; Arab tribes living near Edom (NIVfn)

blackness ( --> same as Cush, Cushi, Ethiopians)
Google Maps: Cushan (21° 57´, 31° 20´)


Strongs #03572: Nvwk Kuwshan

Cushan = "their blackness"

1) a place in Arabia or Mesopotamia; site unknown

3572 Kuwshan koo-shawn'

perhaps from 3568; Cushan, a region of Arabia: -Cushan.
see HEBREW for 03568

Cushan [EBD]

probably a poetic or prolonged name of the land of Cush, the Arabian Cush (Hab. 3:7). Some have, however, supposed this to be the same as Chushan-rishathaim (Judg. 3:8, 10), i.e., taking the latter part of the name as a title or local appellation, Chushan "of the two iniquities" (= oppressing Israel, and provoking them to idolatry), a Mesopotamian king, identified by Rawlinson with Asshur-ris-ilim (the father of Tiglathpileser I.); but incorrectly, for the empire of Assyria was not yet founded. He held Israel in bondage for eight years.

Cushan [NAVE]

CUSHAN, poetic form of Cush, Hab. 3:7.
See: Ethiopia.


(blackness), (Habakkuk 3:7) possibly the same as Cushan-rishathaim (Authorized Version Chushan-) king of Mesopotamia. (Judges 3:8,10)


CUSHAN - kushan: In the psalm of Habakkuk (Hab 3:7) "the tents of Cushan" are mentioned in an individualizing description of the effects of a theophany. Parallel is the phrase "the curtains of the land of Midian." Septuagint renders Cushan, kushan, by Aithiopon, reading perhaps kushim, or kushin (kushin). The context indicates that the same land or people is intended as the Old Testament elsewhere calls Cush, yet vaguely and not in any strict geographical usage that would limit it to Africa.

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