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GREEK: 2591 Karpov Karpos
NAVE: Carpus
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In Bible versions:

Carpas: NET
a Christian man who was a friend of Paul

fruit; fruitful


Strongs #2591: Karpov Karpos

Carpus = "fruit"

1) a Christian at Troas 2Ti 4:13

2591 Karpos kar'-pos

perhaps for 2590; Carpus, probably a Christian:-Carpus.
see GREEK for 2590

Carpus [NAVE]

CARPUS, a Christian at Troas, 2 Tim. 4:13.


a Christian at Troas. (2 Timothy 4:13)


CARPUS - kar'-pus (Karpos): A name but once mentioned in the New Testament (2 Tim 4:13), "the cloak that I left at Troas with Carpus." These words were written from the dungeons, where Paul was confined during his second imprisonment. The name, common enough in Paul's day, signifies "fruit" (Young) or "wrist" (Davis). The words indicate that Paul must have been very well acquainted with the family of Carpus. He was presumably one of his converts; and the apostle must have lodged with him and also have had considerable confidence in him, since he committed to his care not only the comparatively valueless "cloak," but especially the priceless "books and parchments." It is idle to attempt to find out the identity of Carpus, but one cannot help wondering what were the contents of these books and parchments for which the apostle longed in his bitter second imprisonment.

Henry E. Dosken

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