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HEBREW: 6881 heru Tsor`ah
NAVE: Zorah
EBD: Zorah
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In Bible versions:

a town in the western foothills of Judah

leprosy; scab; hornet
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Strongs #06881: heru Tsor`ah

Zareah or Zoreah or Zorah = "hornet"

1) a town in Dan, residence of Manoah and the home town of Samson

6881 Tsor`ah tsor-aw'

apparently another form for 6880; Tsorah, a place in
Palestine:-Zareah, Zorah, Zoreah.
see HEBREW for 06880

Zorah [EBD]

place of wasps, a town in the low country of Judah, afterwards given to Dan (Josh. 19:41; Judg. 18:2), probably the same as Zoreah (Josh. 15:33). This was Samson's birthplace (Judg. 13:2, 25), and near it he found a grave (16:31). It was situated on the crest of a hill overlooking the valley of Sorek, and was fortified by Rehoboam (2 Chr. 11:10). It has been identified with Sur'ah, in the Wady Surar, 8 miles west of Jerusalem. It is noticed on monuments in the fifteenth century B.C. as attacked by the Abiri or Hebrews.

Zorah [NAVE]

ZORAH, called also Zareah and Zoreah. A city of Dan or Judah, Josh. 15:33; 19:41.
The city of Samson, Judg. 13:2, 24, 25; 16:31.
Representatives of the tribe of Dan sent from, to spy out the land with a view to its conquest, Judg. 18.
Fortified by Rehoboam, 2 Chr. 11:10.
Repeopled after the captivity, Neh. 11:29.
See: Zareah.


(hornet), a town in the allotment of the tribe of Dan, (Joshua 19:41) It is previously mentioned ch. (Joshua 15:33) in the catalogue of Judah, among the places in the district of the Shefelah (Authorized Version "Zoreah"), It was the residence of Manoah and the native place of Samson. It is mentioned among the places fortified by Rehoboam. (2 Chronicles 11:10) It is perhaps identical with the modern village of Sur?ah .


ZORAH - zo'-ra (tsor`ah; Saraa): A city on the border of Dan, between Eshtaol and Ir-shemesh (Josh 19:41); the birthplace of Samson (Jdg 13:2,25); near here too he was buried (Jdg 16:31); from here some Danites went to spy out the land (Jdg 18:2,11). In Josh 15:33 it is, with Eshtaol, allotted to Judah, and after the captivity it was reinhabited by the "children of Judah" (Neh 11:29, the King James Version "Zareah"). It was one of the cities fortified by Rehoboam (2 Ch 11:10). It is probable that it is mentioned under the name Tsarkha along with Aialuna (Aijalon; 2 Ch 11:10) in the Tell el-Amarna Letters(No. 265, Petrie) as attacked by the Khabiri.

It is the modern Sur`a, near the summit of a lofty hill on the north side of the Wady es-Surar (Vale of Sorek). The summit itself is occupied by the Mukam Nebi Samit, overhung by a lofty palm, and there are many remains of ancient tombs, cisterns, wine presses, etc., around. From here Eshu`a (Eshtaol), `Ain Shems (Beth-shemesh) and Tibnah (Timnah) are all visible. See PEF, III, 158, Sh XVII.

E. W. G. Masterman

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