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GREEK: 5175 trwgullion Trogullion
NAVE: Trogyllium
EBD: Trogyllium
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In Bible versions:

Trogyllium: NRSV TEV
a town and rocky promontory located on the west coast of Asia Minor opposite the island of Samos


Strongs #5175: trwgullion Trogullion

Trogyllium = "a cache"

1) the name of a town and a promontory of Ionia, not far from the
island of Samos, at the foot of Mt. Mycale between Ephesus and the
mouth of the river Maeander

5175 Trogullion tro-gool'-lee-on

of uncertain derivation; Trogyllium, a place in Asia

Trogyllium [EBD]

a town on the western coast of Asia Minor, where Paul "tarried" when on his way from Assos to Miletus, on his third missionary journey (Acts 20:15).

Trogyllium [NAVE]

TROGYLLIUM, a town and promontory in Caria, of Asia Minor. Visited by Paul, Acts 20:15.


is the rocky extremity of the ridge of Mycale, exactly opposite Samos. (Acts 20:15) A little to the east of the extreme point there is an anchorage, which is still called St. Paul?s port. [SAMOS]


TROGYLLIUM - tro-jil'-i-um, tro-gil'-i-um (Trogullion): According to Acts 20:15 the King James Version, the American Revised Version margin, the ship in which Paul sailed to Caesatea on his return from his 3rd missionary journey tarried at Trogyllium. Several of the early manuscripts omit the words, "tarried at Trogyllium" (Westcott and Hort omit as "Western" interpolation); yet, whether the words belonged to the text or not, Paul evidently passed the promontory, and probably stopped there. From the coast near Miletus the promontory projects into the sea toward the island of Samos; the strait separating the mainland from the island is scarcely a mile wide. It was in this strait which is now called Kutchuk Boghaz by the Turks that the battle of Mycale was fought in 479 BC. The promontory now bears the name of Santa Maria, and the place of anchorage is called Saint Paul's port.

E. J. Banks

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