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HEBREW: 8485 amyt Teyma' or amt Tema'
NAVE: Tema
EBD: Tema
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In Bible versions:

son of Ishmael son of Abraham and Hagar
a land (and its people)

admiration; perfection; consummation

NET Glossary: (1) the name of the son of Ishmael, also used for the group of descendants (Gen 25:15; 1 Chr 1:30); (2) the name of the region they lived in (Job 6:19), mentioned along with Dedan and Buz as a remote place (Jer 25:23) and as an oasis on a main trade route through Arabia (Isa 21:14); generally identified with Tayma, one of the major caravan oasis cities of northern Arabia
Google Maps: Tema (27° 37´, 38° 33´)


Strongs #08485: amyt Teyma' or amt Tema'

Tema = "desert"

n pr m
1) the 9th son of Ishmael

n pr loc
2) the land settled by Tema the son of Ishmael

8485 Teyma' tay-maw'

or Temao {tay-maw'}; probably of foreign derivation; Tema, a
son of Ishmael, and the region settled by him:-Tema.

Tema [EBD]

south; desert, one of the sons of Ishmael, and father of a tribe so called (Gen. 25:15; 1 Chr. 1:30; Job 6:19; Isa. 21:14; Jer. 25:23) which settled at a place to which he gave his name, some 250 miles south-east of Edom, on the route between Damascus and Mecca, in the northern part of the Arabian peninsula, toward the Syrian desert; the modern Teyma'.

Tema [NAVE]

1. Son of Ishmael, Gen. 25:15; 1 Chr. 1:30.
2. A people of Arabia, probably descendant from Tema, Ishmael's son, Job 6:19; Isa. 21:14; Jer. 25:23.


(a desert), the ninth son of Ishmael, (Genesis 25:15; 1 Chronicles 1:30) whence the tribe called after him, mentioned in (Job 6:19; Jeremiah 25:23) and also the land occupied by this tribe. (Isaiah 21:13,14) (B.C. after 1850.) The name is identified with Teyma , a small town on the confines of Syria.


TEMA - te'-ma (tema', "south country"; Thaiman): The name of a son of Ishmael (Gen 25:15; 1 Ch 1:30), of the tribe descended from him (Jer 25:23), and of the place where they dwelt (Job 6:19; Isa 21:14). This last was a locality in Arabia which probably corresponds to the modern Teima' (or Tayma' (see Doughty, Arabia Deserta, I, 285)), an oasis which lies about 200 miles North of el-Medina, and some 40 miles South of Dumat el-Jandal (Dumah), now known as el-Jauf. It is on the ancient caravan road connecting the Persian Gulf with the Gulf of Aqaba; and doubtless the people took a share in the carrying trade (Job 6:19). The wells of the oasis still attract the wanderers from the parched wastes (Isa 21:14). Doughty (loc. cit.) describes the ruins of the old city wall, some 3 miles in circuit. An Aramaic stele recently discovered, belonging to the 6th century BC, shows the influence of Assyrian article The place is mentioned in the cuneiform inscriptions (Schrader, KAT2, 149).

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