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SAVE - sav: In the sense "except," the word came into English through the French (sauf) and is fairly common (38 times, in addition to "saving," the King James Version Eccl 5:11; Am 9:8; Mt 5:32; Lk 4:27; Rev 2:17). It represents no particular Hebrew or Greek terms but is employed wherever it seems useful. It is still in good (slightly archaic) use, and the Revised Version (British and American) has few modifications (Dt 15:4 the King James Version; Ps 18:31b, etc.), but the English Revised Version has dropped "saving" in Lk 4:27 and Rev 2:17 and the American Standard Revised Version also in Eccl 5:11; Am 9:8, retaining it only in Mt 5:32.

Also see definition of "Save" in Word Study

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