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HEBREW: 7428 Urp Nmr Rimmon Perets
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In Bible versions:

Rimmon-perez: NET NRSV NASB
Rimmon-Perez: AVS TEV
Rimmon Perez: NIV
a place where Israel made an encampment
Google Maps: Rimmon-perez (31° 48´, 34° 56´)


Strongs #07428: Urp Nmr Rimmon Perets

Rimmon-parez = "pomegranate of the breach"

1) a station of Israel in the wilderness

7428 Rimmon Perets rim-mone' peh'-rets

from 7416 and 6556; pomegranate of the breach; Rimmon-Perets,
a place in the Desert:-Rimmon-parez.
see HEBREW for 07416
see HEBREW for 06556


RIMMON-PEREZ - rim-mon-pe'-rez (rimmon perets; the King James Version Rimmon-parez): A desert camp of the Israelites (Nu 33:19 f), unidentified. Gesenius translates rimmon as "pomegranate," the place deriving its name from the abundance of pomegranates. But Conder derives it from ramam, "to be high," and translates it "cloven height."


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