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HEBREW: 439 txt Nwla 'Allown Bakuwth
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Oak of Weeping

In Bible versions:

Oak of Weeping: NET
Allon-Bacuth: AVS TEV
Allon Bacuth: NIV
Allon-bacuth: NRSV NASB
a place near Bethel
Google Maps: Allon-bacuth (31° 55´, 35° 13´)


Strongs #0439: txt Nwla 'Allown Bakuwth

Allon Bachuth = "oak of weeping"

1) site of Deborah's (Rebekah's nurse) grave near Bethel

439 'Allown Bakuwth al-lone' baw-kooth'

from 437 and a variation of 1068; oak of weeping;
Allon-Bakuth, a monumental tree:-Allon-bachuth.
see HEBREW for 0437
see HEBREW for 01068


ALLON-BACUTH - al'-on-ba'-kuth ('allon bakhuth; the King James Version transliterates Allon-bachuth, al-on-bak'uth, "oak of weeping"): The burial place of Deborah, the nurse of Rebekah (Gen 35:8); it appears from the narrative that she made her home with Jacob, who had returned from Paddan-aram, and was sojourning at the time at Bethel, in the vicinity of which was the "oak of weeping," under which she was buried.

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