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HEBREW: 5249 Myrmn Nimriym
NAVE: Nimrim
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In Bible versions:

a spring or springs in Moab (ZD)

leopard; bitterness; rebellion ( --> same as Nimrah)
Google Maps: Nimrim (31° 7´, 35° 31´)


Strongs #05249: Myrmn Nimriym

Nimrim = "limpid" or "pure"

1) a stream or brook in the territory of Moab

5249 Nimriym nim-reem'

plural of a masculine corresponding to 5247; clear waters;
Nimrim, a place East of the Jordan:-Nimrim. Compare 1039.
see HEBREW for 05247
see HEBREW for 01039

Nimrim [NAVE]

NIMRIM, waters on the borders of Gad and Moab, Isa. 15:6; Jer. 48:34.


(limpid, pure), The waters of, a stream or brook within the country of Moab, which is mentioned in the denunciations of that nation by Isaiah. (Isaiah 15:6) and Jeremiah. (Jeremiah 48:34) We should perhaps look for the site of Nimrim in Moab proper, i.e. on the southeastern shoulder of the Dead Sea.


NIMRIM - nim'-rim (me nimrim; Codex Vaticanus Nebrein; Codex Alexandrinus Ebrim (Jer 48:34); to hudor tes Nimreim (Isa 15:6)): The meaning appears to be "pure" or "wholesome water." The name occurs only in Isa 15:6 and Jer 48:34 in oracles against Moab. In each case it is mentioned in association with Zoar and Horonaim. It is therefore probably to be sought to the Southeast of the Dead Sea. Eusebius, Onomasticon, places a town, Bennamareim, to the Nimrim of Zoar, and identifies it with the Old Testament "Nimrim," as it seems, correctly. The name is still found in Wady Numeireh, opening on the sea at Burj Numeirah, Nimrim of Ghor es-Safiyeh. The waters of Nimrim may be sought either in Moiyet Numeirah or in the spring higher up, where lie the ruins of a town in a well-watered and fruitful district (Buhl, GAP, 272).

W. Ewing

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